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The Tejano LoKo Mission

My mission and goal for the page and Station is to keep everyone in sync and connected with fellow Tejanos and Tejanas. I strongly believe and feel the first step in keeping "Musica Tejana alive" is to stay connected wherever we go so that we can finally unite and help each other grow as it once was years ago.

Over the years as a child growing up in Houston Texas; I have always been interested in Tejano Music. My uncles would always take me to the flea markets, backstage in clubs and playing music. As I got older my family and I moved to Washington state where the Tejano music and culture was less apparent. Getting old as an adult in Washington state "Musica Tejana" was stuck inside me and eventually found that it was still very popular.

Naturally later in life; I found myself gravitating back to my music core and passion. Soon, I began to take interest in music and became fascinated in bands/radio stations and DJ's. I thought to myself "WoW! those artists look so happy". I told myself, "i can do that as well and be happy".

I first began to Dj then later became a promoter for a local band. I didn't stop there! I became more active in the "Tejano Culture" in Washington State. Soon; I became more known by fellow artists in Texas as well. Over several years I made many connections around different states.

In several years in different aspects of the industry such as "Private Dj, Sound engineer, promoting, radio and so forth" I always found the same problem. Everywhere I go; the connections over cities and states have been lost.

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